Jitsi Meet API echo test

Hey, I already found a thread in this forum, stating that there is (and will not be) no echo tests for jitsi meet api. Is that still accurate? If so, has anyone had the same struggle and found a workaround? My intension is to test that the microphone of a participant is working correctly before moving him into the actual conference. I thought about speech time maybe? Can anyone tell me if I can acmes that from the jitsi meet api and if that would be a safe way to tell if the mic is working correctly?

We don’t have an API for it. If you are using the iframe API, it should be pretty straightforward to implement your own mic test. You could borrow some inspiration from https://webrtc.github.io/samples/src/content/getusermedia/volume/ Then after the user validates it, use the API to join the meeting.