Jitsi meet API - audio randomly muted


my kid is using weschool platform with Jitsi meet API for live sessions.

There is an issue that is driving me crazy: whatever laptop (Win 7 Pro, Win 10 Home) or whatever browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera), during the meeting the audio control is randomly muted in the OS ! If ones enables it again manually, it will switch off again in seconds/minutes.

Is there anyone facing this same problem?

I checked every consensus (microphone, webcam, privacy in the OS).

Thank you for helping with any idea.

I’ve had this problem in public meetings.

Perhaps someone is maliciously turning off your microphone ? There is a server option to disable all mute operations for participants, maybe ask your server admin to experiment with this.

It could also be that your wireless headphones are low on battery or have interference. Even when using a wired headphone on an old phone I had similar problems and it was the headphone jack that was defective. It produced an electrical shock that would effectively "pause’ or hangup depending on the app.

Do you mean that if someone mutes your microphone then your speakers will be disabled too?
While Jitsi works OK alone, it’s the API integrated in weschool that mutes my computer speaker, hard to believe but that’s it. It happens with laptops, not with the Android smartphones.

Sorry I misunderstood as this only affecting the microphone. I am not familiar with WeSchool, perhaps other users of WeSchool or their admins can help here or if you contact them directly.