Jitsi Meet android SDK build

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I want to implement only Video function as only Audio you already implemented.
How can I make onlyVideo function? SDK, or back-end?
I asked this.
I expect your reply.

Ah, sorry I misunderstood.

We don’t have that capability per se. You could configure your server to have startWithAudioMuted set. If you also want users not to unmute, use startSilent.

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Thanks for your reply.
It is a good solution.
But, I want to do this function.
When I create a meeting, I can want onlyAudio or onlyVideo.
In this case, I can’t change the server continuously.
By front-end option, I want to configure the server.
This is possible?
If so, how?
I expect to hear from you again.

and once more.
When it is onlyAudio, the browser asks both microphone and video permission.
I want to ask only microphone permission.
You have some idea for this?

It’s not possible to do this at meeting creation time. One thing you can do is put the parameters in the URL depending on the meeting type you created. Like so: Jitsi Meet

Did you set startWithVideoMuted to true?

I tested with it.
It is a perfect solution.
I am very happy with it.

Hello. Saghul.
Yesterday, your solution was perfect.
When it is only Audio, I set startWithVideoMuted=true.
This asked only for microphone permission.

Next, I wanted to set only Video.
So, startSilent=true, startWithAudioMuted=true.
This asked both microphone permission and camera permission
I want to get a solution to this.

If you can reproduce it with meet.jit.si please open an issue on GitHub.

and I will ask about other problems.

With this link, in the browser, it worked perfectly.
But, when I use this link in my Jitsi mobile app, it doesn’t work.
In the mobile app, it is impossible?

You’ll need to provide more details / logs, “doesn’t work” doesn’t give me much to start with…