Jitsi meet android screen turning off help

Trying to keep screen from turning off when jitsi meet android. i am helping my friend who has a screen share running in the call, but when i don’t touch my android every few mins the screen goes black even though the video is running.

i read some older threads that said this should only happen if the call is audio only, but there is video on mine (it turns into picture in picture OK when i press the round button which the other video player does). Is there something i need to set to fix it?

any help appreciated. thank you for looking

Do you see the received screen-share black, or does your entire screen go black?

Looks like the same issue i mentioned earlier:

Screen sharing from Mobile is blank after few seconds of inactivity

@alhalkjf Pl. Confirm

@saghul the entire screen seems to go black and the light on it turns off, like if the tablet were left alone without anything on it

@tj0xin on jitsi until it does that i can see my friend working on the desktop share and the video from the camera at the desk. i can still hear them on the speaker and they could hear me OK, but i couldn’t see anything, so it might be a little different than the linked problem you put with Mobile Blank

we have been using jitsi to study together but our PCs are pretty old so we thought the tablet might work a little better. thank you for asking the follow up questions about it. Sorry it took a little to reply things irl are a bit tough atm (all the best for them to be ok over there)

Are you on low bandwidth mode?