Jitsi Meet android: java vs react native


Sorry, I’m still finding my bearings (including in the jitsi github repos.)

  1. Is the default Jitsi Meet app for Android written in Java or React Native?

  2. Are both variants available - and if so, are there any functional differences?


from my understanding yes it is written in java. it utilises a library called ‘jitsi-meet-sdk’ which is also writtten in java but it uses the react-native bridge to expose certain functionality or something like that. the UI u see is definitely written in react-native. i hope this information is correct.

Again i am saying from my experience, u can use both ways. u can change a lot in just the UI using react-native and it will work (need to change namespace). Also u can generate sdk from master and use it in ur native app directly. And lastly, u can change in UI then generate ur own sdk by forking the repo and then can use it in ur native app. i mean thats how i am using it.