Jitsi Meet Android - Audio Out via USB Issue (Logitech Meetup)



I am new to Jitsi video conference. I am currently evaluating several solutions, but currently I like Jitsi the most.

My Setup is currently the following:

  • Orbsmart S84 Android (Version 7) Box (Similar to an Android TV but you can access the regular Google Play Store on it)
  • Jitsi Meet for Android installed from Google Play
  • LG TV connected via HDMI
  • Logitech Meetup camera system connected via USB to Orbsmart (This is a camera, a microphone and a speaker all connected via one USB Plug)

The whole system works very well, except for the audio output via USB to the Logitech Meetup.
The Logitech Meetup Speaker does not play the audio of other conference participants, as soon as I enter a conference.

But I noticed that the sound is routed via HDMI to the TV.

When I am in the android menus, Spotify or Youtube, I get the audio output correctyl via USB to the Logitech Meetup.

If I open the setting “Select sound device” within Jitsi, I can only select “Speaker”, nothing else.
Here should be options like “USB Audio Device” and “Speaker” or “HDMI Audio”

The problem could be worked arround with external speakers, but then the integrated echo cancellation of the Logitech Meetup fails.

To me it seem to be an issue with the audio routing.

Thanks for any help on that!