Jitsi-meet android app build on ubuntu get javascript error


I’m trying to build the android app but I get a javascript error (see below).

Node version: 12.18.2
NPM version: 6.14.5
React Native version: 0.63.2

Here what i do:

  • run react-native run-android (or npx react-native run-android)

  • during processing a file called launchPackager.command popup in my default text editor!

  • the building process ends and the app shows this error page

  • so I have to manually run the server with react-native start (or npx react-native start)

  • the packager server works

Schermata da 2020-08-10 15-35-46

  • but when I reload the app, I get this error and I’m stuck!

Any help is very appreciated.