Jitsi meet Android App: active speaker recording has gone?

Hi, I used in spring 2020 Jitsi meet (Android App/browser). I was so satisfied by usage.
Now I tried to use it again but I saw that something has changed, it seems that automatically recording on Dropbox is in “gallery view”, not yet “active speaker” mode.

What happened?
Is it still possible to record automatically with “active speaker” mode?
Is there an option to select it (but I didn’t see it)?
I did something wrong?

I tried to install an old .apk version too, but the result is the same (maybe depends on Jibri?)

I think it was a good opportunity, different from other given by other similar platforms.

Thanks a lot

Might be a bug from the way it sounds. I’ll test this tommorow b4 I head off

Are you displeased by jitsi?

Thank you @Derek_Owumi,
absolutely I’m not displeased by Jitsi,
I love it, and I love the way the community works hardly to improve it and maintain this “open source” sw philosophy

I’m disappointed because it was so fine to record automatically on dropbox 1:1 with the face of the Active speaker on foreground at full screen.
Right now everything is automatically recorded in “gallery view” mode

Could be probably better for multiple connection (I suppose more than 4 partecipants) but was so nice (and I definetely prefer it) the past way to record with “active speaker” on foreground and the image of other partecipants viewed as thumbnails

Tell me please if there are solutions to try with (for example) linux/ubuntu.
For me Android Jitsi App is the best solution to connect, but, if there is a way to solve the problem, I can try tu install a linux/ubuntu VM on my Windows 10 laptop and compile Jibri library (even if I think wouldn’t be so easy)

Insert a functionality option that let you choose before the recording type would be probably the best way
(but I don’t know how difficult is to implement it)

Thanks again

Use follow me. And the recorder will be following what you see and you can turn off grid mode.
We will switch it to default to that in case of a recording …

thanks a lot @damencho,
it seems to work properly (I made a quick trial by myself combo PC - phone right now),
I have to re-test…

But… huh!
Funny that you can check the option “follow me” on browser
but this option is NOT available on my Android Jitsi App !
(months ago I always start recording with phone, I’m sure. Probably it was the default recording option or, maybe, the only one available)

My Jitsi app installed version: 20.5.0 build 5878879

By the way, a little step ahead to the solution or, almost, to a partial one

Thanks again

Yep, this is not available to mobile and this is a workaround.

@damencho :+1:

You’re saying “follow me” will be set as default for recordings soon? :smiley:

Nope, jibri will not enter in grid view by default. It will default to stage view.

Oh… :confused:

Was hoping “follow me” would be set by default - this should be the logical flow for Jibri. One usually just assumes Jibri is recording what they’re seeing.

I confirm, I succeeded using “follow me”
I hope will be possible to do it on mobile’s Android app, too

Thanks to everybody

Yesterday i tried recording and it did recording in stage view but when number of users increased to 3 it entered to tile view automatically.

When stage view become default? Please let me know so that we can setup correct jibri instance

This is handled in jitsi-meet, latest versions of jitsi-meet do not use grid view when jibri is showing the page, so recordings/streamings will get grid view only if it is forced by follow-me

Thanks for confirming this,
We are on Latest build of JItsi Meet and our jibri is recording in Tile View… So its strange

Latest from unstable? We hope to update stable probably early next week.