Jitsi Meet and Matrix (Riot) integration

I just wanted to share a pleasant experience I had yesterday.

I’ve started using Riot (a Matrix client) and it has nice integration for Jitsi Meet (on their own server). If you want to test it, I created a group at #jitsimeet:matrix.org .

When you have a direct chat or when in a group chat you can " add the Jitsi Meet widget " and it will show up as part of their web and desktop interfaces. On mobile there will be a small link to join an “ongoing conference call” which will launch Jitsi Meet and welcome multiple participants.


Thanks for sharing!

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@MagicFab I have installed jitsi meet on my own server. Can I use Riot client for Jitsi meet or I have to use it through matrix?

You’d need to have your own Matrix server, then configure it to use your Jitsi server, AFAIK.

Does this mean that I can not use jitsi using my own server on riot?

also this group(I think it’s called room) #jitsimeet:matrix.org does not exist anymore, did the ID change?

It’s very active, you can join via the web client here.

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I don’t see why you couldn’t, but I haven’t tried.

I use jitsi for my video conferencing.now How can i integrate it on my own serer?

Please open a new separate topic for a new question.