Jitsi meet and jitsi sip


I’m still not sure about the jitsi system.
jitsi meet and jitsi sip softphone

what’s the difference
can jitsi meet be used as a softphone?
if not there is the jitsi sip softphone as web client?


Jitsi app can be used as a SIP softphone and/or an XMPP client, it’s a desktop app.
Jitsi Meet is a browser-based, online web app. It’s different from the desktop Jitsi. There is no web version of the desktop app, so no web sip softphone.
(You can install a SIP module (Jigasi) to the web app, but it works for calling SIP peers from a web conference, it’s not meant for softphone replacement.)



is the sip softphone client opensource and can be changed by us at will.e.g. the design

about jitsi meet i find installation instructions on the net only about ubuntu
jitsi meet can also be installed on linux servers and possibly on a synologi NAS


Here is the source code https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi
and this is the license https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi/blob/master/LICENSE

As for Meet, it can be installed on any gnu/linux system (I guess on *bsd but I’m not sure). The instructions are for Ubuntu, because the packages are tested on Ubuntu, but 1) they can be installed on any other deb-based OS and 2) it can all be installed from source.