Jitsi Meet and Jigasi - outbound number format


Hi guys,
since I updated to the latest stable meet version the call a number dialog changed again. It is always requesting to enter the number with a country code.
Is there a possibility to deactivate this and just dial the number as entered?
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This is fixed in unstable.


I can confirm that the unstable does not have this issue but now I receive “Failed to add members” if I add the number an press invite.
Jigasi is registered but is not sending anything.
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Have you configured any of these:
dialInNumbersUrl, dialInConfCodeUrl, dialOutCodesUrl, dialOutAuthUrl, peopleSearchUrl, inviteServiceUrl?
Looking at the error message seems it is not sending anything to jigasi, but is trying do the people invite …
Can you share your config so we can test this usecase, thanks.


is there any document for this parameters?
can I fill these parameters with static json string?


There is no documentation for those. I will try extracting and creating something these days.


find this link for sample


So there are some descriptions here: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/cloud-api.swagger
So dialInNumbersUrl is described as phoneNumberList and dialInConfCodeUrl is conferenceMapper.

dialOutCodesUrl is removed from the code, it just stays in meet.jit.si/config.js file and confuses me :slight_smile:

For dialOutAuthUrl it checks whether certain number can be dialed out in this case on meet.jit.si, here is an example:
https://jitsi-api.jitsi.net/authorizephone?phone=151and the response is:
{"message":"Access allowed","phone":"+151","country":"1","allow":true}

Where the response of https://jitsi-api.jitsi.net/authorizephone?phone=+35988 is
{"message":"Neither whitelisted or blacklist phone number!","phone":"+ 35988","country":false,"allow":false}

The other two are peopleSearchUrl and inviteServiceUrl, those are for directory search and invite.

                    "avatar": "https://somavatar.url/blabla",
                    "id": "some_user_id",
                    "name": "Damyan Minkov",
                    "type": "user"

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