Jitsi-meet and jigasi cannot make calls



Hi all,

I have a problem with jitsi-meet and jigasi in a ubuntu server 18.04.
After jigasi installation ( apt install jigasi ) in jitsi-meet appears the “plus” icon to invite other people.
When I press to the “Invite” button nothing happens.

My configurations are:

My jigasi logs:

and the prosody logs:

portmanager error Error binding encrypted port for https: No key present in SSL/TLS configuration for https port 5281

c2s558708a7e410 info Client connected
c2s558708a7e410 info Client disconnected: ssl handshake error: sslv3 alert certificate unknown

Can you help me?


Try enabling this: https://github.com/jitsi/jigasi/blob/master/jigasi-home/sip-communicator.properties#L97 restart jigasi and try again.