Jitsi Meet and H.323 protocol

Good afternoon community. I need help. Is there a third-party plug-in to work with the H.323 protocol. I want Jitsi Meet to be able to call video walls and other devices using the H.323 protocol. Maybe you have some ideas on how to link modules through the API. I would be glad for any help.

Maybe someone has links to useful information)))

The only dial in/out option is to use jigasi, but it only supports sip. Had never supported h.323, and there is now easy way of adding it other than start implementation from scratch… what uses nowadays that protocol … :slight_smile:

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The network for which I am trying to build a video communication system is using old video walls. There are not many of them, but they are) I thought maybe there is no such function, then try to implement it through a third-party module. It is possible that the H.323 signal will be received by computer 1 and broadcast the video (as a screen display) to computer 2 (where Jitsi is located). Maybe someone else has ideas on how to put it all together. :sweat_smile:

There’s one way I can think of. Let the H323 device call pexip…pexip calls to Jigasi using SIP…

You would need a gateway in between unless you want to start from scratch and pexip can be that gateway…

Note: pexip is not open-source…and I do not work with pexip:)

I think they provide a trial licence…do not remember for sure…

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Jigasi only works for SIP audio calls
You need to build a solution based on jibri architecture (with headless browser) if you want to connect SIP video call.


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@Prashanth @Damien_FETIS
Thanks for the help guys. I will try these options.