Jitsi max users in same room :

Testing more than 100 of users on the same room

  • Setup :

We have a test running 2 JVB servers with octo activated so that we can share a room on different JVB.
The setup is :
1 fargate for jicofo/web/prosody : 2 cpu/8Go Ram
2 fargate for JVB : 8cpu/16Go each

We setup a test with torture on multiple ec2 instance to scale a large number of users.

  • Test :

In our setup we reach more 60 users / 6 videos/6 audios.
All is good

We try more users, not more video/audio and then problem arrived.
Torture selenium client, chrome, start sending timeout message
Many [xxxxxx.252][SEVERE]: Timed out receiving message from renderer: 30.000

On JVB we also so timeout with client, but Ram was at 7G and no application error message.

We connect to the room with a firefox client and a chrome client
The clients start freezing for short period of time (only the tab)
LastN was -1

We will investigate :

  • Network on jvb
  • LastN configuration on web
  • Client not able to support so many webrtc flow

More news is coming about that test, but if any of you have any info related to client limitation, just share.

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