Jitsi made echo feedback and crashed on Android


I attended a conference call using Jitsi Meet 1.20.111 on Android 9 (Google Pixel XL). First (before meeting other people) I heard echo of my voice with ~ 1 sec delay (both with headphones and without). I tried to restart the app. Then after some time there was just feedback (echo with little delay) with typical screaming sound. After a while I was unable to close the app and had to restart the whole completely.


Did you start hearing that echo before joining the meeting or after?


As I write, the first (long) echo was before, then I joined and still long echo. Then I restarted the app, rejoined (maybe 2x in total) and echo was with low delay (feedback loop).


I have no idea what’s going on there, but it doesn’t sound it’s related to the Jitsi Meet app. We don’t use the microphone until you actually join the meeting (you can check this by denying the permission and trying again), so the echo must come from somewhere else in the system.


One possible explanation is that Jitsi was running concurrently on both computer and phone and it caused a feedback. But I think I didn’t start the web app at first (when there was the long echo).

Today Jitsi made a feedback this way again. Then it crashed (turned itself completely). The web app in Chrome on Mac then east up so much CPU. :confused: