Jitsi Loses Video Quality - How To Increase It?

I’ve written a custom app using jitis-low-level api for streaming games and the video screen share slightly loses quality.

What are the settings I can adjust to maintain the video quality when being screen shared? See the image below of the slight decrease in quality - that becomes more apparent in games with higher details.

Do you have the same issue when you share the screen with standard Jitsi UI?

Yes, screenshot attached from standard Jitsi, there is a decrease in quality (again, it’s not much but the more detailed the game, the more obvious it is). And I’ve already changed my setting in /etc/jitsi/meet/[sitename]-config.js as such:

constraints: {
         video: {
             height: {
                 ideal: 1080,
                 max: 2160,
                 min: 240

Is there anything else I can do?