Jitsi lobby not available after new installation on Azure VM


We are trying to use Jitsi for the first time. We are using Azure VM.

This is our link: meet.hotelambalika.com

After installation we are not seeing the lobby option at all (not by default, or via Security button, while in meeting).

— I was trying to share the config.lua file here, but it’s saying that new users can’t share a note with more than 2 links.

Please suggest, if we are missing anything.


can’t you upload the file (the arrow pointing upward in the toolbox) ? if not, you can still directly paste the file, using a triple backtick at the beginning of a new line: ```

What is the version of prosody? It should be 0.11 for lobby to work.

while it’s true that their prosody version is too old if they have kept the Ubuntu packaged version, when the only problem is Prosody, the lobby option is available, it just does not work. For the OP the lobby option is not available.

If I remember correctly, when I installed a few days ago with prosody 0.10, lobby was not even available.

@andymax3001 it should be visible without any changes. You might give it a try by enabling it from config.js

Yes we are using prosody 0.11

Config.lua files snapshot 1

Config.lua snapshot 2:

Config.lua snapshot 3:

@Prashanth do you mean:

This we did try…

I don’t see what’s wrong in your config. Could you upload the prosody log (/var/log/prosody/prosody.log) ? Please upload the log file directly, don’t do a boatload of screenshots. BTW you could have uploaded the config file too, by renaming it as a .txt file.

Yes. Try that one.

Also try reinstalling using Jitsi Install Script For Ubuntu/Debian (also Jigasi and Jibri)

Will take less than 5 minutes if only jitsi meet is installed, provided you are on Ubuntu/Debian