Jitsi load test

Hello everyone,

I want to test a concatenate meeting with more than 500 conferences with audio and video on. Is there any tool or process to test it ?

Thank you all and have a good day.


You can use jitsi-meet-torture along with any Selenium grid.

For example you can deploy a Selenium grid to AWS Fargate using spot capacity to keep the costs down. At that size you may need to ping AWS for a quota increase before you start. You’ll need fairly significant specs on the Selenium nodes (start with 4 vCPU & 4 GiB per node and monitor stats to see if you need to increase) since otherwise your tests results will be poor just because the client side is struggling. And don’t leave 500 Selenium nodes running too long, even with spot nodes the cost adds up :wink:

Do you mean 500 video senders in a single conference or are they spread across multiple conferences?

Hlw @jbg ,

Thank you for your suggestion. Yes I want to test 500 video senders in a single conference .


The above approach should work, and using AWS (or a similar cloud) should help avoid having network limitations at the client side.

You’ll need multiple JVBs (precise number depends on their specs) sharing the load of the conference using Octo, and they’ll need very good quality connectivity. You’ll also need to ensure Prosody / your XMPP server is appropriately sized and configured for the level of XMPP traffic you’ll get with that many participants. Have fun!