Jitsi load contacts from Elastix


I want to know if it possible to load automatic contacts from elastix pbx to jitsi desktop (Jitsi desktop verision 2.10.5550)

If yes, can anybody tell us how to do it?

Like video below:


If elastix pbx supports xcap than this is possible as shown in the video.
I see it uses kamailio, which I think supports it, so maybe it is a matter of configuration(https://kamailio.org/docs/modules/3.1.x/modules_k/xcap_server.html).
Sorry, but I’m not familiar with elastix pbx.
When this functionality was implemented in jitsi desktop, we were using openxcap server to serve the contactlist.


Thank you for the answer,

Damencho , so we used openfire it is possible to load contacts from openfire to jisti for desktop do you have any idea how can load(import) to Jitsi?


If you are using openfire, why don’t you just login with your xmpp account and your roster/contaclist will be automatically loaded.
Xcap was implemented for sip, where there is no standard contact list, where xmpp have this by default.