Jitsi like WhatsApp call

Can I make a call with jitsi like WhatsApp & FaceTime & telegram

No, not really - at least, not out of the box. Jitsi is a conferencing application; you start a conference and then invite others to join, using a meeting URL. This is unlike Whatsapp /FaceTime that use phone numbers to initiate a direct call between parties.


so what could I do to make outgoing calls from one user to another.

I mean you said that they use phone number to initiate a call between parties

which means we could do the same by making users add their phone numbers am I right ?

And what can I accomplish with jigasi SIP?

Thank you in advance

You can make outgoing calls (actually, really just sending invites) from Jigasi. When the receiving party picks up, they are placed in the meeting. However, Jigasi does not support video, so if they’re joining by phone (through phone call), they can only participate as an audio caller.

so. if I understand correctly by setting up jigasi I can make Outgoing calls from inside the app with out the use of phone number but it will only be voice call and can’t be changed to video right ??

is there an example of that i can look at ?