Jitsi Large Conference without Scalable Setup

Hello again!
I am sorry if i had too much asking, i am searching similiar article but didn’t found any same.

Can Jitsi handle a large conference with minimum 200 users at same room without scalable setup?
If can, what thing that should I configure?


Yes it can. You’d just need to watch out for Prosody because it’s single-threaded. You can search the forum for suggestions on how to improve the performance of prosody.

So it’s in prosody.
Thanks for the answer! Will try work on that!

The maximum handled at meet.jit.si is said to be 300 - and personally I doubt that it involves 300 full HD video streams at the same time. However it involves optimizations by the best Jitsi engineers available, so you may have to work a bit at that.

Small correction here we support up to 500 participants in a call with 300 sending video in HD. This is what we test with and we are still improving some aspects in this scenario.


Right. That means with pagination ? that is, video is enabled but not actually sent to all 500 users for all 300 ?

Exactly, we send from the bridge just those that are seen in tileview or filmstrip. You receive just what is visible in the UI.

Just to ask clarification, it means single server with jitsi, prosody, jicofo and jibri etc on same server?
Can anyone suggest what specs are needed for server running on public cloud say Azure or AWS.