Jitsi keep disconnecting on some corporate networks or behind the firewall


We’re using Jitsi since long, For public networks working fine for each client but when comes to some corporate network behind the proxy / NAT / firewall, then facing issue like keep disconnecting / freezing.

Error in browser console when disconnect conference.iceFailed.

We already tried to setup advance configuration to support the user behind the NAT but not working.

If any one here will resolve it / Guide the way for it, then it would be great help.

NOTE: We already tried with meet.jit.si but client faced same issue with it too. What is the reason behind it?

Thanks in advance & Regards,

Since there is the same issue with meet.jit.si too, the turn server will not be a solution. I think there is no solution on the server side. Probably you neeed to add some firewall rules on the client side

Which kind of firewall rules, can you please elaborate or hint.
Regarding the port open or whitelist the domain or something?

Opening UDP/10000 in general or adding the turn server to the whitelist if there is one

Turn server with port number like xxx.xxxx.xxxx:443 or just domain xxx.xxxx.xxxx or we need to add turn: as prefix?

Any idea?

This depends on the firewall types. Check its documentation.

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Let me check and update here.

If we tried with team / zoom, it’s working fine. Any specific reason behind that.