Jitsi keep crashing as soon as second person arrives

Great test! Worked like a dream. Many thanks for the suggestion. I’m sure I’ll be using this a lot. This does show that the port is open though, so that’s not the problem.

right, good thing to be sure of that.
Now from your log it seems clear that the problem comes from the videobridge and since it’s not the the #1 usual problem - the port 10000 being not accessible - it must be something else.
How about sharing


and maybe a bit of the /var/log/jitsi/jvb.log (since it’s often huge, only the part after the date you started your last failed conference test)

Didn’t see this mentioned… apologies if this is a repeat.


The following extra lines need to be added to the file /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties :


And comment the existing org.ice4j.ice.harvest.STUN_MAPPING_HARVESTER_ADDRESSES .

Hi all,

I am facing same issue, The first user can log on, but when the second user logs on , About 10 seconds later the whole session closes down with ‘unfortunately something went wrong. and again reload page. Please help.

Did you look at my post about private and public IP addresses?

Thanks for reply,
I have added but does not work.