Jitsi jwt which also sets room password


Firstly, I am apologising if this discussions in the wrong topics but unfortunately I don’t know where to address these questions.

We have currently self-hosted jitsi instance that is setup with jwt authentication ( https://github.com/jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/tokens.md ) for hosts and anonymous access for everyone else. More or less setup like on in these instructions: https://github.com/christiancuri/Docs/blob/master/Jitsi%20Meet%20Installation.md

Eveything is working wonderful as expected.

However we’ve got some requests from users that are hosting conferences, if it would be possible for room password (room pin?) to be set when the room is created.
So in other words (maybe I am wrong), room password should be set in the jitsi jwt token that host brings when he is joining his room and “Prosody?” should set that password for that room - that has just been created.

Has anybody come across same idea? Is something like this even possible?
Would be that resulting in such way that users who are “waiting for host to join” would be asked to type in password after host is joined?

Currently it is impossible to be that quick, to join the room and set password before waiting attendees are joining the room - they are joined as soon as the host is in the room.

Why are we doing this?

  • For teachers that don’t want their classes to be disturbed or have unwanted attendees
  • We are already forcing UUID like generated URLs for room names, which seems that hosts don’t trust enough
  • We don’t want to authenticate all users. There is no need for every student to make account and make use of jitsi complicated to them.
  • We are public institute that provides network services to research, educational and cultural organisations

Thank you for your answers in advance!