Jitsi JWT authentication: "app_id" & "app_key"

Good day to all, I’m trying to setup JWT authentication token to Jitsi as described in this tutorial: https://github.com/mjtiempo/Docs/blob/master/Jitsi%20Meet%20Installation.md .
The question is: where to find “app_id” and “app_key” ? Or should I randomly generate any values?

You need to generate those and use the same in server config and when you generate the jwt.

Sorry for stupid question, but still… Should I generate app_id and app_key during the installation (on the server side) or can I use any free random generator from the internet?

Use a meaningful word for app_id, for example myapp
app_key is the secret key, it should be something unpredictable. for example MySecret2892782

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Thanks a lot! Everything understood!