JITSI / JICOFO All the time i have problem again connect to room, which all people disconnected


I use jitsi version from here https://github.com/jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet.

How in title. I don’t have this problem when although one person stay in room but when all people disconnect i have problem connect again to this same room.

The problem I find in the log is the new generated id based on the email I forward to JWT. I am using the same email address (same JWT key) that I used to create this room.

icofo_1 | Jicofo 2020-07-15 09:17:55.593 SEVERE: [56] org.jitsi.impl.reservation.rest.RESTReservations.log() Room dsadas11@muc.meet.jitsi, conflict : 342c986a-358b-463e-9f0c-961649b87a8b@meet.jitsi != 48f9d929-bb96-43aa-874c-be549b4f51ab@meet.jitsi jicofo_1 | Jicofo 2020-07-15 09:17:55.593 INFO: [56] org.jitsi.jicofo.xmpp.FocusComponent.log() Create room result: Result[c=3, msg=null]@171957098 for dsadas11@muc.meet.jitsi

In code jicofo i find place where is this problem. Jicofo saved this room in map and saved id person who created this room, that is create on base my e-mail. Unfortunately when i try again connect with this room is generate new ID on base this same e-mail which is diffrent then ID who is save in map with name room.

code org.jitsi.impl.reservation.rest.RESTReservations.log() method createConference() where this error is return:

    // Verify owner == creator
    if (creator.equals(conference.getOwner()))
        return new Result(RESULT_OK);
            "Room " + mucRoomName + ", conflict : "
                    + creator + " != " + conference.getOwner());
        return new Result(RESULT_CONFLICT);

I turned on authorization JWT also I added special plugin: https://github.com/nvonahsen/jitsi-token-moderation-plugin I’m using this plugin to decide who is moderator / normal user

I disabled access for users who failed JWT authorization and only people who was authorization JWT can join to room.

Thanks for help.

I fixed it but had to modify the jicofo code.

Hi how did you fix this issue please share me in detail