Jitsi (jibri) recording failed after 30 seconds

hello guys,i need help,
i have installed jitsi with jibri recording, after 30 seconds my recording was canceled, which can be the problem.

Your server specs ?

im using linode server,it has 2 dedicated CPUs/4GB RAM/80GB Space with Debian 10

Jibri eats up a lots of resources. Can you try increasing the CPUs if it is possible for you ?

okay, now I’m going to upgrade it to 4 CPUs, i will try and get back to you

yes, i tried with enhanced Server it uses 7GB of ram and all my CPU cores (4 cores), :laughing:
i realized ,the problem is my server resources,jibri need lots of resources to run its processors.thats why its going to failed

What version of jibri are you using ?

And is it dockerized or vanilla installation ?