Jitsi, Jibri, Recording, Dropbox

I have jitsi running on a server and configure the recording and integration process with dropbox.

When I activate recording from a browser, I only get the option to save the video in dropbox, but when I activate recording from the mobile app, it is saved on the server. What should I do so that wherever I activate recording, it integrates with dropbox

Hello @luisjavier1781 First of all, I am just hearing about this for the first time. Nonetheless, I have searched if you have a similar issue and some of the topics and replies have partially addressed this. This you should check to know what you may be doing wrong.

Also try to repeat this very challenge on a desktop rather on a mobile device.

Finally I’m open to learn as this is another new field that would expose my knowledge towards jitsi.

Thanks yes, as you comment; I did the steps for the installation of Jitsi, as well as the configuration of making recordings (Jibri) and then integrating Dropbox to save the recordings in Dropbox and not on my server. The latter works without problem when I use Jitsi in a browser (PC or Mac), but when I record from the mobile app, it does not give me the option of integrating with Dropbox, it starts the recording process without problems but the recording is saved in my servers.

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Okat. Another option for you is to switch to the desktop mode of your mobile browser and see if the options you’re looking for is there.

On which browser are you using?

Chrome works without problem (Integrates with Dropbox) when I switch to mobile mode. I think that the problem is in the mobile sdk that when compiling it takes other options, since the options menu that appears in the browser is different from the options menu that appears in the Mobil app, at least in terms of appearance. This could be doing a different action than the browser.

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Yeah. Forgot to mention the mobile app of the browser. It will be an easy connect than using the browser itself.

Would have suggested you work with browsers that would allow you use mobile sdk.

All the same. It is worth a shot. Dropbox can use jibri in jitsi. Now see if you can connect to me to test it out.