Jitsi/jibri force gallery view?

Hi - we’ve had a great time using Jitsi/jibri to enable online gigging under lockdown, with jacktrip for lowlatency audio (see LBKPeckham on twitter) - but one thing I’d really like to do is force gallery mode for the jibri client (at the moment it defaults to showing the last person to speak/sing/make noise, and the other participants get sliced off on Insta by the aspect ratio). I was expecting to see an option in either jitsi or jibri conf files to force this but there doesn’t seem to be anything there.

Have I missed something? If not, am very happy to mod and build either jitsi or jibri from source if someone can point me to what needs to be modified.

Check this

compile and copy over libs folder

It works like a charm

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Thank you - that looks like exactly what I need. I’ve tried making the changes and building from source but it doesn’t seem to have overwritten the original version (installed via the ‘recommended’ method). Is there a howto somewhere for building from source on top of an existing jitsi-meet installation? Given that the repository install takes care of setting up so much extra stuff on the server, it would seem like that’s more sensible than starting entirely from scratch.

ok - found the answer (just needed to parse the ‘copy over libs folder’ bit) - have built in my home directory, renamed existing /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs to libs-old and copied across libs folder from new build.

However, I don’t think this has solved it. It’s a bit of a problem that the OP didn’t specify which modification enables which feature (I don’t want all of the modifications s/he offered, and the code is not always obvious) - but what I get when I go through the changes and re-make is meetings auto-starting with a bigger picture of the speaker - to be clear, what I need is for it to default to tile view (no speaker focus at all) for all users so that my associated Jibri streams tile view as well.

Am I missing something obvious? Sorry to be so slow…

you have to modify these


in this , make sure both instance of tileViewEnabled: true is set to true


compile, replace the files in lib folder…

make sure you clear cache. no need to restart services but i do it anyway

remember, if you use unstable, make sure you replace these files every time you do an update.

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