Jitsi issue user cam´s get disabled at 3 or more participants

Hey there!

I am facing a strange error and hope for some help from you guys :slight_smile:

The cameras of all participants get disabled (just black screen) only my own camera remains active in the following cases:

  • 3 or more business PC´s in the same network (domain network) join jitsi
  • 1 business PC (domain network) and 2 or more external PC´s (home network, etc.) join jitsi
  • 2 business PC (domain network) and 1 or more external PC´s (home network, etc.) join jitsi

Somehow this failure doesn´t appear to happen if 2 or more computers from external networks (home network for example) join jitsi, but as soon as 1 computer from the business domain network joins, the cam´s start to turn black. Something must change when the number of conference users increases to 3 members.

I can´t reproduce this behaviour using the original jitsi meet.si url. The described problem just happens with our own jitsi installation which is hosted by a service provider.

Thank you for your help!

Welcome to the forum.

Check to make sure you don’t have your firewall blocking the ports. Check in particular for port 10000/UDP - make sure it’s open and forwarded appropriately. If all that’s fine, then take a look at the Advanced Configuration segment of the Quick Install Guide.

Thank you for your quick reply Freddie.

What I know is that our firewall provider won´t open up port 10000 UDP for our business network traffic. We knew that but didn´t ever face any problems using the “official” jitsi meeting rooms. How could this behavior be explained? If we can use jitsi meetings in general but just our own appliance hosted by our service provider has this particular problem…

Because you likely connect through the TURN servers on meet.jit.si. If UDP is blocked for you, you have to look into making sure you have TURN well configured. TURN though is really not advisable, UDP relays better.