Jitsi is unable to access my camera

Hi! I need some help here. I’ve already read several pages on this issue about Jitsi being unable to access the internal camera, but I cannot fix the problem.

It keeps saying “Unable to access your camera for an unknown reason”.

I have already enabled all my devices in all the ways that are possible.

Is there any extension I should install?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I have the same error “Unable to access your camera for an unknown reason”.
Unfortunately this seems to be of any interest for Jitsi support !! Zoom is far, far better. My PC camera works with zoom, messenger, any other software except Jitsi. And Jitsi considers itself like a competitor vs Zoom ? Let me laugh !

I have the same issue with my external USB camera. And I definetely need it for my online classes!

Some of our users have the same problem: has anyone been able to solve this?