Jitsi is not working on safari

Please community jitsi is not working in safari browsers. Please look into that.

What Safari version did you test and what specifically doesn’t work? Was this on meet.jit.si or your own deployment?

My old build which I hosted on my own server it is working in safari but my different sever where I hosted latest jitsi build it is causing issues in safari Iam only seeing the gray background,

it is working fine in electron , chrome , edge , Firefox.
Even production site of jitsi is not working in safari .

From this morning, meet.jit.si can’t work on Safari on my macBook Pro 14, but it can work on Chrome, Firefox on same laptop.
I had tried on iPhone (iOS 15.5), iPad. Safari, Chrome, Firefox on iOS can’t load just as same as Grass2Class pic.
and the same situation was on my colleagues’ iPhone. (one is iOS old version, and one is as same as me, iOS 15.5)
APP is worked.

Got it, thanks for the heads up! :woman_facepalming:

Fix: fix(local-recordings) fix for browsers not supporting MediaRecorder by saghul · Pull Request #11662 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub