Jitsi is losing video quality after 1 hour


I clipped 32 seconds of the live streaming to bring here for discussion.

Link to video: https://the360.com.br/transfer/jitsi-video-quality.mp4

  • At start of the video, everything is perfect
  • At 6 seconds, all 4 video sources losed a lot of quality.
  • That freezed webcams was me trying to Reload Jitsi tabs in Google Chrome
  • It took like 3 minutes to fully recover all cameras
  • It happened twice in a 1h30m session in Jitsi, with 6 users in call
  • I used meet.jit.si

I was streaming through OBS Studio, using this Chrome Extension to help me separate these 4 webcams.

So, was just a lag from Jitsi, or do I need to configure something?


Update: I tried this setup yesterday and happened again.

After 1 hour of video conference, all webcams lose quality, from “Good Connection” to “Inactive”.