Jitsi is back at Google Summer of Code!

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You can ask your GSoC related questions here.

Hi @Freddie! I’m Arihant Bansal, an undergraduate student in my sophomore year, at BITS Pilani, India. I’m interested in Natural Language Processing and general AI. I’ve worked on some NLP projects in the past (arihantbansal (Arihant Bansal) · GitHub). I would like to contribute to “Speech-to-text with publicly available deep learning models”

Welcome to the community!

@saghul and the Team will your contact for GSoC. Please feel free to reach out to him.

Hi everyone my name is Aditya Agarwal and I’m a sophomore at IIIT Kalyani. I came across Jitsi while scrolling though the list of GSoC orgs. I am really excited by the project ideas for GSoC 2022 and I feel I can make worthwhile contributions in the tech stacks mentioned. I look forward to contributing to Jitsi!

Welcome Aditya


Thanks for showing interest! Please follow the GSoC website for the timetable, we are still some weeks away, good luck!


Hey everyone, I am devesh and am interested in audio enhancements project, I have previous experience in Tensorflow and react and would love to contribute more devesh-002 (devesh marwah) · GitHub . I am setting up the dev environment, any other advice on how to proceed would be very helpful.

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hi @Freddie ,I’m Suhail Ahmed, an undergraduate student in my final year at SCSC India. I’m well aware of the technology mentioned and I’m eagerly looking forward to contributing in whatever way i can .

Welcome to the community.

Please see below:

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Hello everyone I am Kanishka Bansode a First Year student from IIIT Pune.

I am familiar with tech stack mentioned in the GSoC idea list and I am interested in ChromeCast and React native SDK projects.

Hello Devesh, not a mentor :sweat_smile: but to run the application locally you need to set up the jitsi-meet dev environment on Ubuntu or Debian first. Windows is not currently supported.

Here you go the dev guide Developer Guide | Jitsi Meet

Hi everyone, my name is Alexandre and, unsurprisingly, I am also a software engineering student wanting to contribute to the Jitsi project!

@Freddie I have my eyes set on one of the GSoC project ideas (JVB Prometheus Stats), and I was hoping to clear up some questions so I can get a better picture about my role as a contributor to the project.

Although the application period is a few weeks away, I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know if there’s someone in particular I should get in touch with.

I think getting familiar with the code base and setting expectations now would make everyone’s life easier :slight_smile:

Best of luck to everyone looking to contribute!

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Feel free to ask questions here! Also, welcome to our community!

Hello everyone, I have made a rough wireframe on the react-native-sdk project idea here.

Any thoughts, suggestions, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I think it may be one difficulty for your particular project. If you don’t know the software architecture of Jitsi-meet (I’m sure that in a few weeks you will know more than I do, but at the moment experience may trump talent), it’s as follow:

  1. prorosy server: xmpp exchange point (can be bypassed in some cases, but still has a central position)
  2. videobridge aka JVB: Java application that manage the Jingle extensions to Xmpp protocol. That’s the part you are interestied in.
  3. jicofo: it’s a process that manage entry of users in Prosody rooms and links them to videobridge
  4. Javascript code on the clients: transpose browsers Api into xmpp (and extensions)

On this forum, you will find practically only experts in the 4) part. There nicks are damencho and saghul, 2 historic contributors since the stone age of Jitsi-meet but they will not be able to help you - their expertise is vast but not too much in the Jvb department.
Since more than one year that I follow this forum, I don’t remember having seen one post from the mentor listed for your project. The videobridge experts are called Boris Grozev, Jonathan Lennox, Georges Politis, but their presence on this forum has become a rarity and if they are not interested in mentoring a student, that’s life and there is nothing you can do about it. That means that you risk to be, well, largely autonomous, and you have better to be qualified enough that this project will be ‘easy’ for you.

In your place I’d focus first on running a simple server and making familiar with the statistics obtained from the Json interface - you can do that just with curl and jq. Most regular on this forum could help you with that, it’s basic stuff.

Then you need to be able to compile and debug Jvb. You will find instructions on compiling it in the source tree, IIRC it’s easy enough (I have done it one time but it was several months ago, I don’t remember quite the details but if I have found it easy you should too else you will not be able to do the job)

You will not find instructions on debugging the thing (unfortunately), maybe devs are using Vscode (?) or Idea. I remember having seen on Github or here that devs are running a test server (you can use a VM if you are using Windows), stop the videobridge service on this server, run Jvb on their workstation to make it connect to the server, and debug it there. Details are not available from me, I have never done that. But it’s a step you absolutely need to do. Don’t try to debug manually or using simple tools you will just waste time.
To debug the thing you need to understand the code, it’s living in jvb/src/main (mainly). Don’t bother with jvb-api. Under this directory, you will have 2 subdirs, java and kotlin, since historically Jvb is java, but devs are finding kotlin much nicer and are using it for new code. So don’t bother writing java unless necessary, if you create new files it should be under kotlin.
Oh well, it’s late. Time for other things, good luck.


Thanks for your input, it means a lot!

On this forum, you will find practically only experts in the 4) part.

From the few topics that I’ve browsed that’s been my understanding as well, hence “looking for guidance” concerning the JVB. It’s understandable, most people looking to modify or extend a self-hosted Jitsi setup are going to focus on that component (the API/SDK side of things). I would also like to add that the Handbook was a great addition to Jitsi documentation. I came across Jitsi in early 2020 and it looks like it’s steadily improving.

I went through some of the code and I’m starting to piece some things together, it’s just going to take a bit more time as I’ve never taken part in a project of this scope.

Like you mentioned, I’ll go ahead and setup a server then probe the REST endpoint. Thankfully I’m not new to deploying a Jitsi instance!

So don’t bother writing java unless necessary, if you create new files it should be under kotlin.

That’s one of the challenges, but I’m happy to learn :slight_smile:



@Aaron_K_van_Meerten proposed that project, hopefully he can help answer some of your questions!

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Hi everyone!
I am Filip, study CS as a graduate student @ TU Berlin and I am really excited to try being a part of this community!
I am especially interested in the React-Native-SDK project so I was wondering if there’s a more direct way to talk to the mentors outside of this thread @saghul, @calinteodor, tmoldovan8x8? If there’s relevant github issues for this project you already know about, I’d be very thankful for a quick link :slight_smile:

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:wave: If this thread is getting crowded, feel free to open a new one so we discuss that project in detail!