Jitsi interface for Rocketchat

Hi. Jitsi works well with Rocketchat using JWT but Jitsi interface does not suit that iframe window.

  1. The room name is unreadable mess that confuses users. How can I hide it?

  2. Annoying notifications about “user became moderator” fills the screen everytime somebody connects.How can I hide it?

  3. Sometime I can not reach the “three dot button” as it is too right and “behind the screen”.
    I noticed that some people on youtube have tiny buttons in the left vertical toolbar. Is it from some older version of Jitsi? Is it possible to get it?


I find that the best thing to do is just open in a new window.

I had to do that too. But the room name still breaks experience.

  1. Same for us. For Rocket Chat integration Room name is better to be off
  2. I opened and issue https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/issues/5948

And we a using Jitsi in separate window - it is only way for comfortable use

Кстати, когда начал возиться в Жицы, то настроил ее сначала на LDAP через SASL. И от этого остались guest virtualhost в настройках prosody и прочее для гостевого входа. В этой конфигурации гости могут подключаться, но не могут создавать каналы. Потом настроил JWT для Rocketchat, но гостевые настройки от LDAP не убрал. Так фишка с гостевым входом продолжила работать. Если просто с нуля JWT делать, то гости тоже могут создавать каналы.

We use jwt and guest can not create rooms. Only connect to already created. As you described. Jitsi with no LDAP in our case.

Fixed with


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I am having some trouble configuring jwt auth between rocketchat and jitsi. Apparently, the jwt made by rocketchat is correct and jitsi is also authenticating the user when video call is made but for some reason, the users in a call cannot connect with each other, but both are present alone in the call. Any help would be appreciated. I have also opened the issue here