JITSI integration documentation with IONIC

I created the Jitsi server on AWS, that’s ok, now I want to incorporate Jitsi in our application that was built in Ionic Framework, can you guide us with some documentation? I didn’t find it, can someone help me, please?

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Hi Damencho, thank you very much for the documentation. We will work on it if we have any doubts, I will call again.

Just one question? Does this documentation you sent me work on the server jitsi that we created in our environment?

Hi @Carlos_Brandao,Can you please confirm If the shared documentation link (IFrame API) is working for ionic app? I am also planning to integrate Jitsi in ionic. Just want to know If you’ve integrated it successfully. Thanks!

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@Carlos_Brandao how did you make out with integrating Jitsi Meet API with Ionic?