Jitsi integration and installation


We are planning to use Jitsi as a video conferencing solution. Essentially we will be hosting our own Jitsi server. The steps are mentioned in

We have few in house applications - web, android as well as ios - with which we will be integrating Jitsi for video conferencing.

Am I going right?

Also could you please provide me with pointers on how to integrate it with simple web application after I have hosted Jitsi on my local server.


Yes, Jitsi Meet is designed with such integration in mind.

For Android, see :

For iOS, see :

For web integration see :

Quoting the FAQ :

Jitsi Meet has an External API that can be used to embed an existing Jits Meet instance into any webpage with just a few lines of code. Many of Meet’s options can be changed via configuration file. Web developers can even actively control the conference with a variety of commands and events.

You can do this with your own self-installed instance or run it from meet.jit.si – no server installation required. See here for more on the Jitsi Meet External API.

No idea - BTW make sure you remove personal information from your example.

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Hello @ravi99,
So, finally, are you able to do the implementation?
Is there a link to see your work?
Thanks a lot.

Sudhir Gandotra