Jitsi Installation using GoDaddy- Wildcard SSL Certificate

Hi I want to use a GoDaddy wildcard SSL Certificate for Jitsi Meet. Could anyone help me with the correct way of installation ? Sould get the SSL Certificate first and copy the crt file to /etc/ssl/ folder and then start Jitsi installation ? is it necessory to get the .key file if i am using a GoDaddy Wildcard certificate ? Sorry, I am new to Jitsi. After the installation, do i need to make any changes in any config file ?

Hi. You could do it either way. The install script will ask if you will want to use your own SSL certificate or use Let’s Encrypt. You could also install the Let’s Encrypt to make sure everything is ok at least SSL related and just replace it with your own certificate afterward.

Oh, just make sure to use full pems.


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Hi Kenren,
many thanks for your reply. In that case I’ll try install using the lets encrypt certificate and then replace the file. could you help me with below ?

  1. Which are the folders and files that i need to replce with new wildcard .crt file
  2. Which Config file and configuration i need to modify to use the new certificate
  3. Should I also get the .key file from customer ? Currently they could not find the .key file since they had recently renewed the certificate from godaddy portal they could not find a copy of the key file.

Both .crt and .key files are needed.

The related path is in the Nginx site config file

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Thank you emrah,
I will try this and update

@emrah @Kenren_Taisho , hope below is the file which I need to check the path of SSL Certificate and Key.

and then just replace the new crtificate & Key

hello, is it possible to edit the domain name ?

IMHO, the best is to reinstall using the new domain name.

@Kenren_Taisho I have reinstalled jitsi using the new domain name (first updated the hostname with requried name) and then installed jiffy using that domain name. But still the camera & microphone funtions are notn working although it is allowed in the browser and also I can see that the Certificate is secure and valid