Jitsi installation in digitalocean?

Hello everyone, I am looking for an installation guide for Jitsi on a private server updated in DigitalOcena, I have followed the processes that are stated in this link, but when testing the audio and video does not work, apparently the jicofo does not connect.

Thank you.
Camilo A. Pimentel G.

My suggestion:

  • Create an Ubuntu 20.04 or Debian 10 droplet.

  • Connect through SSH as root

  • Check if you are really root. If you are not, switch to root account


Thank you, I will follow the process you advise and I will tell you how the result was.

Regards, Camilo A. Pimentel G.

Hello @emrah and @Camilo_Pimente

l want to do some modification with JVB in Kotlin
Using IntelliJ IDE for this But still not able to start and run project please help me out ASAP.
I have already setup local Jitsi meet installed on my window machine with Vagrant it working fine.

Thanks and Regards

Hi @emrah, what is the difference between installing Ubuntu to Debian with Jitsi cluster doc?

Camilo A. Pimentel G.

The cluster installation guide/tools are for scalable system and it’s a bit complicated than the simple installer. Since it’s very easy to create/remove a machine on the cloud, I think it will be better to try the simpler installer first

Hi @emrah ,
Sorry to Interrupt but if possible please reply on my case or any suggestion.

You should create a new topic if your case is not related with the current topic

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I appreciate your suggestion
My topic URL : Jitsi Video Bridge - IDE setup for Kotlin

I have created already but not get any comment or reply that is why I am try to solved it this way.

Hello @kurnf21 be a little patient, some issues take longer to resolve, so when it comes to private development it requires more time than usual, in the same way, mount what you have in gibhud to provide better help.

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Thank you @Camilo_Pimentel for reply and suggestion .

@emrah Hello, I have had problems in this step where the line “curl https://meet.mydomain.com/static/jms.pub >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys” generates an error curl: (7) Failed to connect to mydomain.com port 443: Connection refused.

thanks and regards
Camilo A. Pimentel G.

This step is used while installing the additional JVB or the additional Jibri. Before this step you should finish the JMS installation (the main Jitsi Meet Server).

And you should replace “meet.mydomain.com” with your real JMS address.

I highly recommend trying the simpler installer first. It checks DNS records, port permissions and accessibilities, address resolvabilities etc. The cluster installer doesn’t check these and it assumes the admin is already competent about these needs

@Wyomingg and @emrah Hello, it is necessary in the installation the prefix “meet.” (Link), A subdomain is created, it would not be more advisable to use mydomain.com instead of meet.mydomain.com.

it is necessary to use the prefix “jitsi” or “meet”, I only use my domain name (example: thisesmydomain.com)

I’m using: $ sudo hostnamectl set-hostname thisesmydomain.com so on throughout the installation and configuration process