Jitsi Installation error

Dear Jitsi Admins,

I have been following your installation guide, easy installation with the ubuntu ppa, to setup Jitsi on my server and have been stuck on few issues I cannot overcome as there is no info on logs. It seems that some connections get a 200OK while others get a failed or 504 error. Everything seems to work and I have tried for few days before I decided to post a question here. Here are screen shots of my browser tabs and a paste of the current error I can see I am having.

I cannot upload here my logs so here is a small paste of the error:

$ curl “

It works! Now point your BOSH client to this URL to connect to Prosody.

For more information see Prosody: Setting up BOSH.


But it doesn’t work! so idk anymore what is the problem preventing prosody from doing its job.

Thank you very much for your support and best regards.

Check prosody logs

Currently the only thing I see in logs is the following screenshot, this is a constantly repeating message.

Other than that I see no issues at all, everything seems to run and even my webcam green light start when I enter the room, but than nothing is get shown neither to me or anyone else.

If anyone can also please explain what is this error and what might be the issue with the strophe.umd file.

Maybe also check nginx logs, that request first hits nginx and it is proxied from there to prosody.

This is what nginx error.log shows, it seems prosody doesn’t want to connect to nginx or vice versa.

So Does anyone here on JITSI can help resolve this issue? it has been a week almost and still this server is not running at all. Is there a support service we can purchase so someone can take a closer look at my config and get it sorted out?

Isn’t it easier at this point to just start over using the Quick Install Guide? I think it would save you days of headache, to be honest.

systemctl status prosody

Done it already but maybe third time is a charm.

Are the installation address and the access address same?

Yes it is. I am running on GPS and not behind any NAT. Anyway I am going to install again on a new DigitalOcean Droplet and I will see how it goes and report here on any success or failure.

New install on a new server Ubuntu 20.04 works very well but strangely enough using the same configuration on a server I already have operating few websites doesn’t work so the issue is still unresolved on that server but at least I have checked that my configurations are correct. I still don’t know why it works on one server and not the other.

OK I finally managed to get it working on my main server, now all I need is to find where to configure and get those details for JWT authentication.

These will be any string you want. For example myappid and myappsecret123

Is there a panel on Digital Ocean to install Jitsi?

No there is no panel on DO as far as I know.
Yes I managed to set those values. Now I am in the stage where I need to setup jibri for recording and I am not sure how to integrate it into aVideo/YouPHPTube script. I have two servers, one is running the script and one is running the Jitsi server. I need to record those conferences on the aVideo site and not on the Jitsi server. not sure yet how to use the JWT authentication with jibri between two domains, where one server manages the conferencing and the other the videos and live streaming.

Would appreciate any suggestions.