Jitsi inside a kioskmode phone

Hello Jitsi Team and other users,

We use the jitsi app on mobile phone as a camera observation on my 88 years old father. And to communicate with him.

The mobile is in Kiosk mode - android-kiosk.com - and we manage the phone from Kiosk Browser Remote Management.

The thing is that when we start the jitsi meet app inside the kiosk mode it will not directly open. It opens with the same page as if you visit meet.jit.si on the web browser on a tablet/phone. It ask to install the app. Direct be need that there is a small link to to the already installed app.

Is there a way to get directly without this page into the meeting room we need?

The point is, in case there will be no wifi connection ore other moments and this page what ask to install the app pop up my father is not able to handle this link, the screen is locked for touch.

Greeting Crojav