Jitsi Incoming call not Working in Android 12

When I create a call then at receiver side it receives but at my end it’s ringing . This issue is happening only with Android 12 in other devices it’s working perfectly.

How did you implement incoming calls? Jitsi Meet does not implement them.

We are using WebSockets and push Notification for implementing incoming calls

I don’t understand. You are asking for help with some code you wrote and nobody else has access to.

I made an app which is creating audio and video calls and I also used websockets and onesignal when call is initiated with jitsi I sent call response on websocket then websocket send push at receiver side but when receiver receives call then response isn’t coming in Android 12 and when I do same process with Android 10 11 It’s working perfectly like this
(callResponse.callConnectedStatus == “Missed” || callResponse.callConnectedStatus == “Declined”
|| callResponse.message.toString().contains(“Busy”)) {
ToastUtils.showToast(this@CallingActivity, callResponse.message)
val endCallRequest = EndCallRequest()
endCallRequest.toUser = contactId
endCallRequest.callId = callId
endCallRequest.userId = userId
endCallRequest.callEndedAt = simpleDateFormat.format(endTime)
endCallRequest.callDuration = callDuration
endCallRequest.postType = postType
endCallRequest.action = “calldisconnect”
e(TAG, “onBroadcastReceived: ${Gson().toJson(endCallRequest)}”)
(EldercomApplication.application as EldercomApplication).sendMessageToWebSocket(Gson().toJson(endCallRequest))

                am.mode = AudioManager.MODE_NORMAL
                am.isSpeakerphoneOn = true

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