Jitsi in video-only mode

Hi Experts,
I’m new to Jitsi and was wondering if at there is a way to enable video only when joining via browser and/or the Android SDK? To clarify, I am aware that the Android SDK has options such as setAudioMuted and a feature flag to disable audio focus. However, is there a way/provision wherein only video is asked for during getUserMedia in JITSI - the webRTC spec allows for either audio-only, video-only or audio+video permissions, is there something similar available for web and/or the SDK?

Thank you.

I think startSilent is what you want.

Thanks for responding. Does this option also ensure that microphone permissions are not asked for?

It should yeah.

Thanks again. I just tested creating a room on our custom server and adding startSilent parameter. I see that audio permissions are still being asked for, however, audio isn’t captured. Is there any option to disable mike access request in GUM?

in config.js:

disableInitialGUM: true,

This will also prevent getting the initial video track. I see there is likely a bug in there and we still require the audio device even with startSilent. That’s wrong. Can you please open an issue on GH?