Jitsi in the UAE

Hi @damencho, I’m following up on a discussion (Jitsi Meet is not working in UAE) back from 2018. Wanted to ask whether you have any updates whether meet works or if there is still an issue with the application? I recall a year ago it had a seamless operation.

Btw, if there is a list of countries where Meet has issues please share.


We are not aware of any country-wide blocking of Jitsi at this time.

Thanks @saghul. I’m asking cause we had a test session some hour ago and we had some activity breakdowns both on 1-on-1 as well as for 3+ persons. I can’t be sure but do you think it could be a device’s firewall creating the interruptions?

It’s hard to tell, alas. Was this on a corporate network or a regular Internet connection?

I would suspect the latter. Home network.

In that case it’s possible the connection is being disrupted indeed. :-/

I’ll have another round in a couple of days, will let you know how it went.

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Hey I live in the UAE there isn’t any issues @Diata must be you.

I can give you a server to test on if it works

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