Jitsi in Mobile


Unable to connect to a call using jitsi mobile Application. Tried it on Android can anyone help ??


Can you describe your issue with a bit more detail? What Android version? Are you trying your own server or are you connecting to meet.jit.si, etc.


I was able to connect with domain :meet.jit.si but could not connnect to my private IP. I am using android 8.1.0


A valid TLS certificate is required, so you won’t be able to use an IP address. You need a domain name and a valid cert.


Now I am with some new problem, Whenever a particpant joins the call it Shows, Unfortunately something went wrong we’re trying to fix this , and I am not able to connect.

Since i am new to jitsi can u pls help how to solve this issue ?


Do you see this on the web or on mobile? What do you see in the JavaScript console in the browser?


Currently I am using in Web. IN console i get error : conference failed conference.videobridgenotavailable


Your JVB doesn’t seem to be up or working properly. Try restarting it.


Restarted this using below commands now it works fine
service prosody restart
service jitsi-videobridge restart
service jicofo restart


Thanks for your help.
Morever I want to restrict the no. of particpants can you help in this regard ?


Please opena new discussion topic.


OK sure,BTW thanks for your help.


Hi Saghul, When we join jitsi conferenve via mobile it forces us to use the mobile app. Actually in my case some participants will join the conference via mobile and since most of them will be one time users forcing them to install app doesn’t seems to be a good option. moreover since they are new to jitsi configuring the server name and roomname might be difficult for them. So is there any way by which we could join conference from mobile browser ???


Hi Saghul, Any Updates ??


There is commit that allows user to join from Mobile browser u can check it out here not sure if it’s a good idea though since the app is more optimised for mobile. Use at your own risk :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:


Ok Thanks Tanvir, will check this.