Jitsi in Firefox

Hello everyone,

I am working in a private company and we are trying to set up an internal meet server in our project so that we can have secure video conferencing between the organization members.

I have downloaded and installed Jitsi Meet and it’s up and running. but when we open it in the Firefox browser, at that time it shows the warning message in between of conference popup.

message printed in warning: “we are afraid your meeting experience isn’t going to be that great here, we are looking for ways to improve this, but until then please try using one of the fully supported browsers.”.

Help is urgently requested and much appreciated!


Bhargav Vaghasiya

This is just a warning. Devs seem to be working on improving Firefox support but it’s not done yet. I find it works ok for small conferences. Chromium works better for large conferences. I’d never use chrome but chromium is acceptable to me.

Firefox should work, but it has some problems. One big downside seems to be that Firefox always uses the maximum quality of the webcam, so if you have any users with a slow internet connection, they will have to disable video if there is a single Firefox user sharing his webcam (or if they share their own webcam, maybe). The Munich Freifunk project also describes further audio problems for all users when a single Firefox user joins a room. I’m unable to test this, but it seems plausible. They reference https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/issues/5439

As some people who are not that used to computers prefer apps over websites, we utilize the releases of https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron (currently 2.0.2). They basically bundle a browser within that app and make it able to only access the configured Jitsi Meet instance (you can set your own).

The Github project is very active and the developers there reacted very quickly when I described a problem. I was very happy about that. (Thank you if you are reading this). While I’m usually not fond of the bundling of browsers, this app has made troubleshooting and weird client setups much easier to handle. None of our users cannot use Jitsi Meet, but without the app, we would probably lose a few who can normally only use firefox or other browsers that aren’t as well supported as Chromium/Webkit+Electron.