Jitsi in Delphi crossplateform Windows, OSX, IOS and Android?


I have an application built with Delphi FireMonkey, and I need to setup a webinar form inside the application for my users, with a chat and sreensharing. It runs on Windows, OSX, IOS and Android.

I have few questions :

  1. Is it possible with Jitsi to have both the screen sharing and tchat ?
  2. Is it possible to compile inside Delphi Apple targets ? Delphi runs on Windows, and compile OSX and IOS through a connected Mac, on which XCode is run.
  3. Is there a way to find a MVP Jitsi ?




If you can embed chrome/electron there it should work for desktop. For ios and android we have mobile SDK which you can use.



I’d prefer build the forms using Jisti API, also on Windows and OSX. Is it possible ?



You can use the iframe API, it just needs to run in a supported browser chrome/electron are preferred. This is a web webrtc app, if there is no browser you cannot run it. Jitsi-meet electron is an example for a desktop app that uses that, using electron.