Jitsi in a LXD container behind a HAProxy Reverse Proxy

First and Foremost thank you for a wonderful opensource product especially in a time when we are looking to new ways to connect while practicing social distancing.

I am attempting to set-up a Jitsi instance in a LXD container for my local church. As it is, I run a LXD Haproxy container so that I can provide multiple WAN-available services from one machine. The HAProxy container possesses the letsencrypt certs and will take any http/https request and forward it to the appropriate container.

My question is as follows: how do I install Jitsi to function in this setup (if its possible at all). The host runs Ubuntu 19.10 and the respective containers run/will run Ubuntu 19.10 as well.

So again this is my setup

  1. Host updates public IP to FQDN via ddclient
  2. FQDN receives request and routes to public IP
  3. Public IP is answered by modem and pass to router that forwards http/https requests to Host
  4. Host passes requests to HAProxy LXD container
  5. HAProxy forwards specific request to appropriate LXD container
  6. Jitsi LXD container answers request (HAProxy normally takes 443 request and passes 80 request to containers. I understand Jitsi only answers 443 requests so I need to figure out how to make HAProxy pass the original 443 request)

Any ideas? Thank you!