Jitsi im Wlan / Lan

Hello community,
I would like to use jitsi meet as a cooperation and presentation software in a primary school. For this purpose, the computer on which jitsi is installed may also open a local network.
How do I get the session to be accessible via wifi or LAN? Otherwise I always end up at “meet.jit.si” which is very counterproductive for my needs. An approach would be very helpful.

Moin Gemeinde,
ich würde gerne jitsi meet als Kooperations und Präsentationssoftware im Unterricht in einer Grundschule einsetzen. Dazu darf der Rechner auf dem jitsi installiert ist auch gerne ein lokales Netzwerk aufmachen.
Wie bekomme ich das hin, dass die Sitzung über das wlan oder Lan erreichbar ist. Ansonsten lande ich immer bei “meet.jit.si” was sehr kontraproduktiv für meine Belange ist. Ein Ansatz wäre sehr hilfreich.

Hello @villon23,

To be sure, are you talking about the server side or the client?

Hello emrah,
First thanks for your reply.
I talk about a raspberrypi as a server for clients in class.
I want to broadcast over the lacal Wlan, so that only the nearest user are able to watch the content.



You will need a TLS certificate for it.
Is its IP static?
Is there a local DNS server?

pi4 or pi3 ? the pi3 has very limited network bandwidth and would be a bad idea.