Jitsi iframe, change styles inside iframe

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In my company we have implemented jitsi Iframe API, with our own hosted Jitsi-Meet server.
My question is: what options do we have for changing internal style of iframe? Do we have to clone the library and make changes to it? Is there any better/quicker solution?

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What are you interested in changing specifically. Some things such as the background are changeable with the API, but otherwise you’ll need to make a custom build.

I use iframe API and have controlled few things based on few factors using css and custom javascripts.
Let’s say if some users join from abc.com
And some from abc.com/bcd
Both are different features and different capabilities.
It depends on how you want to implement and what you require

Hi @saghul , @kkd thanks for your input,

I need following changes to be made:

  1. Instead of putting grey filter and showing name of current speaker, i need to highlight the speaker in different way.
  2. The video tile of oneself is always bigger, all video tiles should be same size.
  3. Replace the controls with different icons.
  4. Possibility to move video tiles to 2nd screen.

I suspect these changes can be made only with custom build!?


Yep, I’m afraid so.

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Just wanted to ask. To make custom changes to UI, i will need to clone lib-jitsi-meet, and build from there?
Say for example, i dont want to use iFrame, but build customly everything. From ‘lib-jitsi-meet’ i will make calls to our self-hosted server, and based on responses i will create dom-nodes?

Correct if I’m wrong, or you can give me other hints!
Thank you

You need to clone and make changes to jitsi-meet, not lib-jitsi-meet. Cheers!

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Hello Saghul,
Wouldn’t it be possible to just modified the -config.js and the do your changes on javascript. Probably not the best solution but you could do that without rebuilding, right?